Are you planning a trip to Finland and wondering if you should get a local SIM card? Getting a Finland SIM card can make your travel experience much smoother by allowing you to stay connected with easy access to maps, travel guides, and more. This guide has everything you need to know about getting a SIM card in Finland. Read on for tips on which SIM card to choose, where to buy them, which carriers are best, how much data you’ll need, and more to help you pick the best option for your travel needs.


1. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My Finland Trip?

buy finland sim card

However, it should be emphasized that the most optimal mobile internet option in Finland would be a local Finland SIM card as it offers many benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to buy one:

  • Those roaming fees are expensive! They may cost an arm and leg when you are at home. However, by utilizing a local SIM, you can avoid these costs. Find some tips from this post to check roaming charges on a Finland trip.
  • Maps, trip bookings, and other essential apps – A SIM card for Finland entails maps, travel booking, and other important apps that ease navigation within a trip. However, this is extremely important considering that one may be visiting a strange territory.
  • Calls to Finnish numbers – The calls to Finnish numbers shall be very inexpensive especially when making booking of tours, restaurants, and contacts with your accommodation.
  • Emergency call – may be a way of getting in touch with the emergency services during emergencies. You can call for the emergency responders using a Finland SIM at any time and place within the country.

Stating briefly, a Finland SIM card will go a long way in helping you achieve a successful trip.

2. Finland SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

There are three main types of SIM cards available in Finland: prepaid SIM cards, postpaid SIM cards, and eSIMs.

Type of SIM card Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM card No monthly fee, easy to purchase Limited data allowance, credit can expire
Postpaid SIM card No need to pre-load credit, unlimited data allowance Monthly fee, more expensive
eSIM Convenient, no physical card to carry Limited availability, may not be compatible with all devices

What kind of SIM will suit you best?

Which type of SIM card works best for you will ultimately be determined by what is most suitable for you. This may include a prepaid SIM card if you are just visiting Finland for a short while which may not involve a lot of data. Postpaid SIM cards are more suitable for users planning to spend considerable time in Finland and consume a lot of data. Prepaid SIM and eSIM are very convenient solutions if you do not want to worry about your SIM card and your communication.

3. How Much Data Is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Finland?

Therefore, the amount of prepaid travel SIM data in Finland depends on what kind of use you are making yourself. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Light data users: At most one or two gigabytes of data can be sufficient for a phone that sends occasional emails, connects to social media, and browses the Internet every now and then.
  • Moderate data users: Therefore, if your phone is designed to stream music, watch videos and uses navigation apps, 3-5GB per day should be sufficient.
  • Heavy data users: To stream videos, download big files, as well as using video conferencing you will need more than 5GB of data each day.

It should be understood that the figures provided above are mere estimates; however, your actual data usage will be determined by your particular usage patterns.

4. How Much Does a Finland SIM Card Cost?

Costs for getting connected with a Finland prepaid tourist SIM card are very reasonable. Here’s a quick overview of typical pricing:

Operators Prepaid Plans Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
DNA DNA Rajaton Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day 5 days ~$5
DNA Super Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc 5 days ~$5
DNA Dataprepaid ~$25 Unlimited internet in Finland - - 30 days ~$25
Elisa Combination Package ~$33 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 32GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$40
~$38 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 37GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$44
~$44 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 42GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$50
Telia S-Package ~$10.8 1GB 100 mins 100 messages 31 days ~$16
M-Package ~$21.8 5GB 500 mins 500 messages 31 days ~$17
Unlimited 4G L-Package ~$32.7 Unlimited in Finland, 27GB abroad 5000 mins 5000 messages 31 days ~$18
Unlimited 5G XL-Package ~$38 Unlimited 5G in Finland, 32GB abroad 5000 mins 5000 messages 31 days ~$19

So in total – to get a basic but solid local Finland SIM set up with moderate data, activation, and delivery – expect costs around €55-75 for convenient connectivity for trip durations under 21 days. With prepaid SIMs – you only pay for what you use!

5. Finland eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

In addition to traditional physical nano and micro SIM cards, you can also opt for eSIM connectivity in Finland. Here’s an introduction to using eSIM:

  • What’s an eSIM? – An eSIM allows your phone connectivity through a digital SIM profile instead of needing a physical nano/micro SIM. Activation happens through an installed app.
  • Benefits – eSIMs mean no need to go out and purchase local physical SIMs. Also allows dual SIM functionality on a single device. Convenient for short trips.
  • Limitations – eSIM functionality is still limited on some device models. Require stable internet connectivity for eSIM activation and profile downloads.
  • Providers – Many Finland providers like Telia and Elisa offer eSIM connectivity.
  • Useful for – Short trips just needing data connectivity. Also suitable as a backup if your physical SIM stops working or if you lose mobile connectivity for stretches.

For demanding connectivity needs, frequent calling/texting, or long vacations – physical SIM cards still offer the most robust performance. But eSIMs make a simpler option for short visits.

6. Where to Buy a Finland SIM Card?

It’s quick and convenient to purchase a Finland SIM whether you opt for a physical SIM card or eSIM options. Here are your choices:

6.1. Buy eSIM online

Order eSIM profiles directly from provider websites like Telia, Elisa, or

Explore Finland with reliable data from $5. Quickly purchase a Finland eSIM, scan the QR code and you’re ready to browse, chat, and stream anywhere in the country. Flexible plans up to 30GB for 30 days. No roaming charges or SIM swaps are needed. Get connected now for just $5 – perfect for your Finland trip!

6.2. Buy a physical SIM Card

You can buy a physical Finland SIM card in the following places:

R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport
R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport
  • City centers: There are also many mobile phone shops and convenience stores that sell SIM cards in Helsinki, such as Telia, Elisa, and DNA. You can find these shops in shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and other tourist areas.
DNA store
DNA store
  • Online: You can also buy a SIM card online from the websites of the major mobile operators in Finland such as Elisa, Telia. This can be a convenient option if you want to have your SIM card delivered to you before you arrive in Finland.

Overall – it is quick and painless to get connected with a Finland SIM card either on arrival or delivered to your home before you leave.

7. How to Use Finland SIM

Activating and using Finland SIM cards is very straightforward:

For physical SIM cards:

  • Inform the salesperson which plan or amount of data you need when purchasing.
  • Pop-out your current SIM and insert your Finland SIM card into your phone.
  • Power up the device and follow the activation prompts. May require a reboot.
  • Enter PIN code if provided to activate SIM.
  • Connect to the local mobile network once active. You’re all set!

For eSIM activation:

  • Purchase the eSIM plan online and register your email for credentials.
  • Download provider eSIM when you land in Finland using WiFi.
  • Run the app and enter details to activate the plan instantly.
  • Takes 1-2 minutes!

You can now make calls, send SMS, and use mobile data through Finland SIM just like home. Most Finland SIM cards and plans work across the EU should you travel elsewhere too. Reach customer support if any activation issues.

8. Best Mobile Operators for Finland SIM Cards

In Finland, there are three major Finnish mobile network operators comprising of Elisa, DNA, and Telia. You can buy prepaid SIM cards for tourists from their shops as well as online.

  • Elisa is the biggest mobile operator in Finland and covers the biggest area compared to others. It is also the only Finnish company that provides the fastest 5G network.
  • DNA is The second largest mobile operator in Finland is DNA, and it provides good value-for-money and coverage.
  • Telia is the third biggest provider of mobile services in Finland with its solid quality of service.

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of each operator:

Operator Pros Cons
Elisa Widest network coverage, fastest 5G network Most expensive
DNA Good balance of price and coverage Not as wide network coverage as Elisa
Telia Reliable network Least wide network coverage

Which operator is right for you?

The best operator for you will depend on your individual needs. If you need the widest network coverage and the fastest 5G network, then Elisa is the best choice. If you are looking for a good balance of price and coverage, then DNA is a good option. If you need a reliable network and don’t mind having slightly less coverage, then Telia is a good choice.

9. Tips for Saving Data for Finland SIM Card

To reduce mobile data consumption from your Finnish SIM card while still staying connected, follow these tips and make the most of your phone in Finland:

  • Offline Google Maps – Download offline Google map data & directions for entire trip before reaching. Reduces usage by 80%!
  • Use WiFi networks – Connect to coffee shop & hotel WiFi when possible for non-urgent browsing needs.
  • Limit streaming – Stream high-bandwidth video/music judiciously. Download content onto device if possible.
  • Disable auto-app updates – Pause all non-essential app update downloads that suck data.
  • Switch off data roaming – Disable background mobile data access for apps when not in active use.
  • Track data usage – Use device dashboard to monitor which apps using most data and control accordingly.

Following these simple guidelines lets you lower prepaid SIM data usage significantly and stretch connectivity longer during your Finland visit!

10. FAQs

Q: Can I use my home country SIM card in Finland?

A: Yes but expect extremely high roaming charges. A local Finland SIM/eSIM is cheaper.

Q: Can I use Finland SIM across Europe?

A: Yes, Finland SIMs work across EU thanks to roaming policies. But check the carrier and plan.

Q: Do I need to show passport when purchasing SIM?

A: Often identity proof required when purchasing in-person. Rules vary.

Q: Can I use eSIM for long vacations too?

A: Physical SIM better for extended stays given higher data limits. eSIM great for short trips.

11. Conclusion

We hope the elaborated guide provided herein has helped you to be convinced enough about using Finland sim cards during your forthcoming trip. Buying a local prepaid Finland SIM card is really worth it as they are convenient, affordable, and easy especially when one travels across nations. This way you will be in touch, save a buck, and really enjoy your time in Finland.