If you are traveling to Finland and require a SIM card? DNA is one of the major providers that you are likely to meet. As a result, DNA provides prepaid DNA SIM cards as well as eSIM plans which are simple to configure and convenient to operate. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting connected with DNA while visiting Finland:


1. Quick facts about DNA

The third largest mobile operator in Finland (DNA) covers about 3.5 million DNA subscribers.

  • DNA started operating in the year 2000 and currently it is part of the Scandinavian Telenor group that focuses on the telecommunications business.
  • Some key things to know about DNA
  • DNA-Oyj is a Finnish telecommunications group offering voice, data, and TV services.
  • The company is the third biggest mobile operator in Finland with a share of approximately twenty-seven percent.
  • DNA has more than 3.5 million subscribers, 2.7 million being mobile users and 0.9 million being fixed-line subscribers.
  • 4G LTE in DNA’s network covers 99% of the population in Finland.
  • DNA is also a very big cable TV company in Finland which serves more than 1 million customers.
  • DNA is the full proprietary subsidiary of the Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor.

In Finland, DNA is one of the main providers of telecommunications services. It has also created the reputation of being a quality company committed to the provision of the best innovative, and reliable services to its consumers. Just like in the case of 5G, DNA is again one of the leading technological innovators.

DNA logo

2. Finland DNA Coverage and Speed in Finland

Before getting a DNA SIM, it’s good to understand their network coverage area and data speeds across Finland.

2.1. DNA coverage in Finland


DNA is one of the leading mobile network operators in Finland, providing 4G and 5G coverage to the majority of the country. According to Opensignal’s June 2023 Mobile Network Experience Report for Finland:

  • DNA’s availability is the second-highest in the country, at 99%. 
  • DNA’s 5G availability is also good, at 27.9%, which is highest in Finland.

Overall, DNA provides a good mobile network experience in Finland, with high availability and fast speeds.

2.2. DNA speed


DNA is the fastest mobile network operator in Finland for both 4G and 5G download speeds. Here is a summary of DNA’s speed based on the latest Opensignal report:

  • DNA speed is the highest and has an average download speed of 63.6Mbps, while its 5G network has an average download speed of 226.4Mbps.
  • DNA has an average upload speed of 15.2 Mbps, while its 5G network has an average download speed of 34.3 Mbps, the highest in the country.

Overall, DNA is the clear leader in speed for both 4G and 5G in Finland. Its networks are consistently faster than those of its competitors, and its users can expect to experience the best possible mobile network experience.

3. DNA connectivity options for travelers to Finland

As a tourist going to Finland, you have two main options to get connected with DNA easily:

Option Description Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM card Pay for a certain amount of data or minutes in advance. Convenient and affordable. You may not use all of the data or minutes that you purchased.
Pay-as-you-go SIM card Only pay for what you use. Good option for travelers who are only staying in Finland for a short period of time or who don't need a lot of data. Can be more expensive than prepaid SIM cards if you use a lot of data.
eSIM Digital SIM card that is embedded in your device. Convenient and easy to use. Not all mobile phones are eSIM compatible.

Both options give you the same great DNA coverage at affordable rates. Choosing comes down to phone compatibility and personal preference.

4. Best DNA SIM cards for tourists & cost

DNA has a few different prepaid DNA SIM card options. Below is the DNA prepaid plans:

DNA Prepaid Plans Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
DNA Rajaton Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day 5 days ~$5
DNA Super Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc 5 days ~$5
DNA Dataprepaid ~$25 Unlimited internet in Finland - - 30 days ~$25

5. Does DNA Finland support eSIM?

Yes, DNA offers eSIM activation for compatible devices, for Finns. So phones with eSIM built-in can digitally connect with DNA’s network.

You can get an eSIM for either an existing or a new subscription from DNA stores or DNA’s sales service: 0800 550 044 (weekdays 9 am–8 pm, Sat 10 am–4 pm). The number is free. 

6. Where can you buy a DNA SIM card and eSIM?

It’s quick and easy to purchase a prepaid DNA SIM card or eSIM plan whether you do it before departure or after arriving in Finland.

6.1. Where to buy DNA SIM for Finland

DNA SIM cards can be purchased from a variety of locations in Finland, including:

  • Online: You can purchase a DNA SIM card online from the DNA website. The SIM card will be shipped to your address in Finland.
  • DNA Kauppa stores: DNA Kauppa stores are the official retail stores for DNA. There are DNA Kauppa stores located in most major cities in Finland.
  • R-kiosk convenience stores: R-kiosk is a chain of convenience stores that are located all over Finland. R-kioski stores sell a variety of products, including DNA SIM cards.
  • Supermarkets: Some supermarkets in Finland sell DNA SIM cards. These supermarkets include Prisma, K-Market, and S-Market.
  • Electronics stores: Some electronics stores in Finland sell DNA SIM cards. These electronics stores include Verkkokauppa.com, Gigantti, and Power.
DNA store
DNA store

6.2. Where to buy Finland DNA eSIM

For a DNA Finland eSIM, you’ll need to activate it directly from their customer service or mobile app or eSIM provider:

  • Mobile app: Download the OMA DNA app on iPhone/Android to buy and activate an eSIM. Provides QR code for easy setup.
  • finlandesim.com: Finlandesim.com is another global eSIM service that offers DNA Finland plans. Their website lets you easily purchase and activate a DNA eSIM with data-only plans or come with calls and SMS. Prices are comparable to the carrier.

So DNA eSIMs need to be purchased directly from them before activating on your phone. Website or mobile app provides the most reliable activation.

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7. How to activate DNA Finland SIM/eSIM

Activating DNA’s prepaid SIM card or eSIM data plans only takes a few minutes once you have them in hand.

7.1. How to use DNA Finland SIM card

For a physical DNA SIM card:

  1. Unlock the phone if necessary and insert DNA SIM card
  2. Power phone on – It should automatically connect to DNA within a minute
  3. You’ll get a text welcoming you to DNA and confirming the number
  4. Enter SIM PIN if prompted
  5. Hit the browser or app requiring the internet to trigger data settings
  6. Ready to use DNA’s prepaid data, calls, and texts!

7.2. How to activate DNA Finland eSIM

Getting started with a DNA eSIM for Finland is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

8. Finland DNA Call & SMS rates

DNA has reasonable rates if you need to make calls or send SMS texts without an internet connection. Here is a table showing the DNA prepaid rates in USD:

Feature Finland (USD) EU (USD) Rest of the world (USD)
Calls $0.06 $0.37 $1.39
SMS $0.09 $0.06 $0.24
Data $0.06 $0.07 $0.11

The prices in this table are for prepaid plans only. There are also postpaid plans available. Prices may vary depending on the region.

9. Useful USSD codes for DNA Finland SIM/eSIM

USSD codes are quick dialing shortcuts to check info or access settings directly with your SIM provider.

You can easily check your subscription’s remaining balance and expiry date by:

  • going to the address prepaid.dna.fi.
  • Enter *100# and press the CALL button.
  • Call User Service at 0800 412 582.
  • or by sending a free-of-charge message reading “SALDO” to the number 14600.

Simply dial these USSD codes directly from your DNA-connected phone to check usage or toggle settings.

10. How to top-up DNA Finland SIM/eSIM

When your data or balance runs low, you’ll want to top-up to keep your DNA SIM card or eSIM working for calling, messaging, and internet access.

You have three easy ways to add more money:

  • Online: You can top up your prepaid subscription online at laturi.dna.fi with Visa, MasterCard, or Finnish online bank payment.
  • R-kiosk or Otto ATM: You can also go to your nearest R-kiosk or Otto ATM in Finland.
  • Prepaid top-up voucher: You can use a physical top-up voucher to add balance to your subscription on the self-care website or at laturi.dna.fi.

Starting at €10, recharges extend the validity of your DNA SIM card or eSIM plan. Easy to keep your connectivity going during the whole Finland trip!

11. FAQs about DNA in Finland

Does DNA service work in all Finland regions?

Yes, DNA provides over 99% population coverage across mainland Finland, Åland Islands, cities like Helsinki/Tampere and rural towns using 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Can I use a DNA SIM in another Scandinavian country?

DNA SIM cards only include domestic connectivity in Finland as standard. But their prepaid plans allow roaming in the EU including Sweden, Norway, and Denmark at standard roaming rates. Extra roaming passes also available.

Is my unlocked phone compatible with DNA Finland?

Most modern unlocked phones have the radio bands required to connect with DNA’s 2G GSM 900/1800 MHz and 3G/4G bands. Just insert the SIM or activate the eSIM data plan to connect.

What identification do I need to buy DNA SIM card?

Typically no ID requirements for tourists purchasing prepaid SIMs. But some third-party resellers could ask to see passport when buying SIM card.

Does my DNA SIM/eSIM work in nearby countries?

DNA Finland SIMs include domestic connectivity only. But they offer prepaid roaming passes or you can pay standard roaming rates when visiting other EU regions and calling Finland. Other European countries will need different SIM provider.

12. Final words

In summary, DNA is a great option for short-term tourists in Finland needing unlimited data, calls and texts on an easy prepaid basis. Their SIM cards plans offer excellent nationwide coverage with 4G speeds at reasonable rates. And with shops everywhere ready to help troubleshoot in fluent English, you’ll stay connected smoothly from Helsinki out to remote Lapland. DNA simplifies your travels.