Getting online while visiting Helsinki requires a local SIM card. This guide covers the top carriers in the city – Elisa, DNA, and Telia – and provides tips from locals on buying prepaid SIMs. We’ll compare plans, pricing, and coverage so you can choose the right option. You’ll also learn which convenience stores are best for activation without a Finnish number. An easy way to stay connected, following these tips will have you up and running on Helsinki’s cellular network in no time.

How To Buy A SIM Card In Helsinki_ Tips from Locals

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Helsinki?

Choosing the “best” mobile operator in Helsinki depends on your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders to help you decide:

Mobile Operators in Finland Coverage Speed Plans
Elisa Excellent nationwide coverage, strong in rural areas Consistently high speeds Diverse plans with generous data allowances, good value for heavy data users
Telia Excellent nationwide coverage, strong in urban areas Very high download speeds Streamlined plans with data rollover and family-sharing options
DNA Good nationwide coverage, solid in major cities Excellent upload speeds Flexible plans with a focus on customization and add-ons

For the most comprehensive coverage across Finland, Elisa is a strong choice. Telia shines with its blazing-fast download speeds, ideal for streaming and downloads. DNA offers customization and flexibility, catering to users who want control over their plans. Consider your priorities (coverage, speed, data needs, and desired features) to pick the operator that best suits you in Helsinki.

II. Best Helsinki SIM Card and cost

Finding the best SIM card in Helsinki depends on your data needs and the travel duration. Here’s a comparison of popular options to help you choose:

Operators Prepaid Plans Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Cost (USD)
DNA DNA Rajaton Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day daily charge $0.99/day 5 days ~$5
DNA Super Prepaid ~$5 (includes a $5 balance) Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc Depending on usage $0.07/min/pc 5 days ~$5
DNA Dataprepaid ~$25 Unlimited internet in Finland - - 30 days ~$25
Elisa Combination Package ~$33 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 32GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$40
~$38 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 37GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$44
~$44 Unlimited in Finland, the Nordic countries, the Baltics + 42GB in EU/EEA max. 165 mins/day and 5000 mins/month max. 165 SMS/day and 5000 SMS/month 1 month ~$50
Telia S-Package ~$10.8 1GB 100 mins 100 messages 31 days ~$16
M-Package ~$21.8 5GB 500 mins 500 messages 31 days ~$17
Unlimited 4G L-Package ~$32.7 Unlimited in Finland, 27GB abroad 5000 mins 5000 messages 31 days ~$18
Unlimited 5G XL-Package ~$38 Unlimited 5G in Finland, 32GB abroad 5000 mins 5000 messages 31 days ~$19

DNA’s 5GB plan is a cost-effective choice for brief visits and minimal data usage. Elisa’s 10GB plan offers additional data for a slightly increased cost, perfect for users with moderate needs. If you consume a lot of data, Telia’s unlimited data plan gives you peace of mind to stream and download freely. Please note, that the prices provided are rough estimates and could differ based on the store and any promotions being offered.

III. Where to buy A SIM in Helsinki

Now that you know which carriers to consider, the next step is finding where to purchase a prepaid SIM. Luckily, buying a SIM card in Helsinki is a straightforward process.

1. Getting a SIM Card at Helsinki Airport

The top options for purchasing a Finnish SIM card upon arrival at Helsinki airport are the R-kiosks and WHSmith convenience stores located in both the departure and arrival areas: 

  • R-kioski convenience stores: R-kioski has several stores in both the non-Schengen and Schengen areas of the airport that sell prepaid SIM cards from major Finnish operators like Elisa, DNA, and Telia. They are well located to assist travelers.
  • WHSmith convenience stores: WHSmith also has a few stores in the airport selling SIM cards, though typically with a smaller selection than R-kioski.

By getting a SIM card at Helsinki Airport, you can prevent paying for roaming fees and begin using your phone right away, exploring new areas, learning about nearby sights, and communicating with family and friends from your home country.

R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport
R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport

2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Helsinki

It’s simple to find a prepaid SIM card in Helsinki, guaranteeing you’ll be connected during your visit. Here are some helpful choices:

  • R-Kioski convenience stores can be found all over Helsinki and provide a variety of prepaid SIM cards from Finland’s top operators like Elisa, Telia, and DNA. Conveniently add more data to your allowance in the same place.
  • Visit the official stores of Elisa, Telia, or DNA for a greater selection of plans and individualized help. These stores are capable of assisting you with inquiries and activating your SIM card immediately.
  • In the heart of Helsinki, you can find popular shopping streets such as Aleksanterinkatu and pedestrian areas like the Esplanade, where you can conveniently purchase a SIM card from different mobile companies while wandering around the city.
Elisa store in Helsinki
Elisa store in Helsinki

Getting a prepaid SIM card in Helsinki is easy due to the wide range of options available. Select the option that fits your requirements best: the ease of R-Kioski stores, the tailored assistance at operator stores, or purchasing a SIM card while exploring the city center. By using a prepaid SIM card, you can prevent incurring additional charges while traveling, explore the city effortlessly, and keep in touch with family and friends back home without breaking the bank.

IV. eSIM for Helsinki travelers – a smart alternative

FInland eSIM

Stop struggling with actual cards! Here’s the reason why a convenient eSIM could be the ideal option for your trip to Helsinki:

  • Instant activation is available, eliminating the need to go to a physical location or wait for a SIM card to be delivered. Buy an eSIM online before your journey and activate it immediately on your phone when you get to Helsinki – all done in just a few minutes.
  • Various companies provide eSIM options with data packages for Finland. Evaluate different choices and select the one that best fits your data requirements and financial constraints, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity during your journey.
  • Go green: Say goodbye to plastic! eSIMs eliminate physical cards, reducing waste and minimizing your environmental impact.

To embrace both technology and sustainability, think about getting an eSIM from for your trip to Helsinki. Experience the ease of immediate activation, a larger range of internet providers, and the advantage of choosing sustainability. Before your trip, research eSIM options online so you can arrive in Helsinki ready to explore, stay connected, and stress-free!

Finland’s calling, answer roaming free with

V. Things to prepare when buying SIM cards in Helsinki

Obtaining a SIM card in Helsinki is simple, however, some planning can ensure a seamless experience. Local insiders share tips to make sure your experience is hassle-free.

  • Make sure to check if your phone is unlocked and works with Finnish GSM networks before your trip. This will prevent any unexpected occurrences when you are at the store.
  • Investigate Prepaid Plans: Finland provides a range of prepaid SIM card options with different data limits and lengths of validity. Browse online or in-store to find the plan that matches your data requirements and the length of your trip.
  • Choose between using cash or a card: Although many shops take both forms of payment, it’s wise to have some Euros available in case there are problems with the card reader.

With some planning, purchasing a SIM card in Helsinki will be easy. By ensuring your phone is compatible, researching plans, and having the correct payment method, you’ll be connected and ready to explore the city quickly! Feel free to seek help from store employees – they are willing to assist you in selecting the ideal SIM card for your requirements.

VI. Tips and Recommendations To Buy A SIM Card In Helsinki

Tips and Recommendations To Buy A SIM Card In Helsinki

Savvy travelers know a little planning goes a long way. Here are some local recommendations to ensure buying a SIM card in Helsinki is a breeze:

  • Unlock Your Phone: Before your trip, double-check if your phone is unlocked and compatible with Finnish GSM networks. This avoids surprises at the store.
  • Download a Translation App: Having a translation app on hand can be helpful when navigating store menus or communicating with staff, especially if you don’t speak Finnish.
  • Consider Data Usage: Think about how you’ll be using your phone – navigation, social media, or streaming. This will help you choose a prepaid plan with the right data allowance to avoid running out.

With some preparation and these insider tips, buying a SIM card in Helsinki will be a quick and stress-free experience!


In Helsinki, where can I purchase a SIM card?

You can choose from a few different options: Helsinki Airport kiosks, R-Kioski convenience stores around the city, or official stores of mobile operators such as Elisa, Telia, and DNA.

What factors should I take into account when purchasing a SIM card?

Make sure your phone is not locked and can work with Finnish networks. Investigate prepaid plans to select one that fits your trip’s data needs and duration. Think about whether you will require additional data or top-ups for longer periods.

What payment options are available for purchasing a SIM card?

The majority of businesses welcome payments in the form of cash as well as credit cards. Keeping some Euros available is recommended in case there are problems with card readers.

VIII. Conclusion

Conquering Helsinki with a working SIM card is easy with these local insights!  By ensuring phone compatibility, considering data usage, and having a translation app handy, you’ll be navigating stores and choosing the perfect plan in no time.  Don’t hesitate to ask the store staff for assistance – they’re happy to help you stay connected throughout your Finnish adventure!