Telecommunication industry in Finland is very competitive as there are many big Finland mobile operators and multiple small provider’s competing for customers. All networks have for a long time concentrated largely on migrating to the 5G capacity. The article will discuss key players, give an insight into factors to evaluate when deciding on the carrier, present comparatist of leading nets, highlight buying places, disclose eSIM option and finally address a few of most common queries in the field.

Finland Mobile Operator

1. List of Mobile Operators in Finland

In the domain of Finnish mobility exists several big companies with MVNO, which uses their resources.

1.1. Main Mobile Operators in Finland

The main mobile network operators in Finland are:

  • Elisa: Elisa is the largest Finland mobile operator, with a market share of approx. 45%. The company offers a wide range of mobile and broadband services, including 5G, 4G, and 3G coverage. Elisa is also a leading provider of digital TV and IPTV services.
Elisa store in Helsinki
  • DNA: DNA is the second largest mobile operator in Finland, with a market share of approx. 25%. The company is known for its innovative and reliable mobile services. DNA was one of the first operators in Finland to launch 5G and 4G networks.
DNA logo
  • Telia: Telia is the third largest Finland mobile operator, with a market share of approx. 20%. The company is a subsidiary of the Swedish telecommunications company Telia Company. Telia is a leading provider of mobile and fixed-line services in the Nordic region.
Telia finland logo

In addition to these three main Finland mobile operators, there are several smaller mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Finland. These MVNOs resell mobile services from the main operators.

1.2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Finland

In addition to the major networks, as of 2023, Finland has only one MVNO still active, which is Moi Mobiili. Moi Mobiili is backed by the DNA network and has a reputation for being inexpensive.

The flexibility of MVNOs appeals to lower-use clients but reliability depends on parent networks.

Moi Mobiili Logo

2. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Finland

Here are some tips for choosing the best Finland mobile operator:

  • Consider network coverage – The three major operators in Finland are Elisa, Telia, and DNA. Check coverage maps to see which provider has the best signal where you need it, like at home or work. Rural coverage can vary.
  • Compare plans and prices – Look at the inclusive data, minutes, and texts on various monthly plans from each operator. Prices vary but plans start around 20-30 euros. Prepaid SIMs are also available.
  • Check speeds and performance – 5G is available in many cities, while 4G LTE reaches most areas. Consider average speeds from different carriers based on third-party tests.
  • Look at extras and benefits – Operators offer bonuses like free subscriptions to music/video services. Elisa and DNA provide multi-SIM plans for families.
  • Customer service reputation – Check reviews online regarding things like billing issues, support wait times, and how responsive carriers are to queries and problems.
  • Roaming costs – If traveling internationally, consider any roaming add-ons or packages the operators offer for data and calls outside Finland.
  • Bundle services – Savings are possible by bundling mobile with home internet from carriers that provide both.

Reading carrier reviews, testing coverage in locations you’ll use the most, and factoring in the relevant priorities above can help you select the optimal Finnish mobile operator. Many offer trial periods too.

3. Best Mobile Operators in Finland – Detailed Comparison

Now we’ll dive deeper into how the major networks directly compare across some key decision factors for consumers choosing a Finland mobile operator:

Feature DNA Elisa Telia
Network 4G, 5G 4G, 5G 4G, 5G
Coverage Good Good Excellent
Speed Fastest Good Good
Price Most expensive Moderate Least expensive
Customer service Good Good Good
Data allowance Variety of plans Variety of plans Variety of plans
Additional features Streaming services Unlimited calls and texts Unlimited calls and texts

For speed and coverage, DNA is the top mobile in Finland. It happens to be the most expensive operator but.

There are many individuals who look for a mix of speed, coverage, and affordability; they should consider Elisa. It may not be as quick as DNA, however, it is still faster, Telia.

It is Telia which should be preferred by those looking for the maximum coverage and cheapest cost. Nevertheless, it is not as fast as DNA or Elisa.

Hence, the ideal mobile operator in Finland for you will depend on what you need and like. Ensure that you consider the budget, data usage, and desired speed and coverage while settling on a network.

4. Where to Buy SIM Cards from Finland Mobile Operators?

There are three main Finland mobile operators: Elisa, DNA, and Telia. All three operators offer prepaid SIM cards that can be purchased from a variety of locations, including:

  • Operator stores: Elisa, DNA, and Telia all have their own stores located throughout Finland. These stores are the best place to purchase a SIM card if you need help activating it or setting up your account.
Elisa store in Helsinki
Elisa store in Helsinki
  • R-kioski: R-kioski is a convenience store chain that sells prepaid SIM cards from all three Finland mobile operators. R-kioski stores are located in most towns and cities in Finland.
R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport
R-kiosk in Helsinki Airport
  • Supermarkets: Prepaid SIM cards can also be purchased from some supermarkets, such as Prisma and K-Market.
  • Online: Prepaid SIM cards can also be purchased online from the websites of the three operators.

When sourcing SIMs, Triple/Quadruple connectivity SIMs allow flexible activation across all four core networks and offer maximum domestic coverage. But even nation-specific cards provide strong service.

5. Do Mobile Operators in Finland Offer eSIM?

Encouragingly, eSIM support has expanded quickly across major Finland mobile operators enabling easy activation in compatible smart devices. The standard eliminates physical SIM cards simplifying account portability.

Here is eSIM availability among top networks:

  • Telia – Supported on both postpaid plans and most prepaid packages.
  • Elisa – Similarly available across consumer postpaid and prepaid offers.
  • DNA – Currently provides eSIM on mobile plans for Finns.

Check individual carrier/provider websites for specifics on rate plans and smartphone models supporting remote activation. For prepaid tourists, the convenience is unmatched though most local stores can still provide traditional SIMs.

Stay connected in Finland with an affordable digital data plan. Get your Finland eSIM today and enjoy smooth internet access throughout your trip!

6. FAQs about Finland Mobile Operators

What networks have the best rural Finland mobile coverage?

Telia and Elisa achieve the greatest combined 4G/5G rural penetration into remote Lapland and archipelago areas currently. DNA is also solid for cottages.

What operator is most popular with families?

Elisa is very flexible allowing households to easily customize and share data quotas across multiple devices. Families love the app’s control & stability.

Where can tourists conveniently buy SIM cards in Helsinki?

Airport arrival terminals have dedicated GSM shops but any grocery store stocks prepaid DNA or Telia SIMs quickly activatable in-store.

Do operators offer short-term deals for temporary visitors?

Yes, most carriers offer prepaid 30-day SIM packs with local calls, texts, and 4G data at very reasonable rates. No contract. DNA has quality temporary deals.

7. Conclusion

In reviewing Finland’s diverse and evolving mobile carrier options, Telia frequently stands out as the premium high-end choice maximizing next-gen 5G capabilities and EU roaming allowances.

But Elisa deserves consideration for flexibility in helping customize data usage across family members, while DNA consistently surprises by matching robust networks with budget pricing.

Overall Finland punches far above its weight in providing quality nationwide connectivity with overlapping coverage by savvy local operators. There’s an appealing Finland mobile operators out there for any type of mobile user.