Finding the best mobile internet option in Finland can be challenging with so many providers and plans to choose from. This guide will help you select the most suitable option for your needs. We will compare the various mobile internet networks available in Finland, including the major providers like Elisa, Telia, and DNA. Factors like coverage, data allowances, speeds, and prices will be evaluated. The aim is to understand your usage and priorities to recommend a provider and plan that fits your budget while delivering reliable mobile internet access across Finland. By learning about the different possibilities for mobile internet in Finland, you can make an informed choice.

how to choose mobile internet in finland

I. Mobile Internet coverage and speed in Finland

This guide delves into mobile internet coverage and speed across Finland, ensuring you can navigate unfamiliar streets, share travel moments, and access information with ease. From extensive nationwide coverage to blazing-fast 5G speeds in major cities, we’ll unveil what to expect and empower you to choose the best mobile internet option for your Finnish adventure.

1. Finland Mobile Internet Coverage


Staying connected throughout your Finnish adventure is a breeze thanks to the country’s impressive mobile internet coverage. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect following Opensignal’s report on December 2023:

  • Elisa has the best overall coverage according to the Coverage Experience metric, scoring 7.6 out of 10. This metric measures coverage in populated areas where users expect coverage. Telia comes second with 7.1 and DNA third with 6.7.
  • Elisa also has the best 5G coverage based on the 5G Coverage Experience metric, scoring 3.5 out of 10 compared to 3.1 for DNA and 3.0 for Telia. However, 5G coverage remains limited across all operators.
  • Availability, which measures the percentage of time users have a 3G or better connection, is very high for all three operators – above 98.8% for DNA and Telia and 98.9% for Elisa. This indicates strong baseline coverage from all networks.
  • For 5G availability specifically, DNA and Telia lead with scores of 17.2-19%, indicating 5G coverage is still a work in progress but expanding steadily. Elisa lags slightly at 14.6%.

Checking the coverage map of your chosen mobile operator before your trip is a wise move. This ensures you’ll have the connectivity you need, no matter where your Finnish adventure takes you.

2. Finland Mobile Internet Speed

Finland isn’t just a leader in mobile internet coverage – it’s a champion of speed too!  Travelers can expect a seamless online experience thanks to Finland’s consistently high mobile internet speeds, as confirmed by data for Finland. Here’s what sets Finland apart:

Finland Median Country Speed February 2024
  • National Ranking: Finland ranks 23rd in the world for mobile internet speeds, with an average download speed of 108.94 Mbps. This places it ahead of most of its European neighbors.
  • Compared to its Neighbors: Finland performs relatively well compared to other European countries of similar size and population density. It outpaces countries like Estonia (26th) and Latvia (29th).
  • City Ranking: At the city level, Helsinki ranks 26th globally for mobile internet speeds, averaging 117.49 Mbps download.

So in summary, Finland and its major cities like Helsinki tend to rank in the top half of the world for internet speeds on both mobile and fixed broadband networks, outpacing most other Nordic and Baltic countries on the index. Its speeds are strong for a country of its size and population density.

II. Mobile Internet in Finland: Connection options for tourists

Staying connected in Finland is easy with several options for tourists. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular mobile internet options in Finland to help you decide:

Connectivity Option Pros Cons Price Range (USD)
Roaming: Use your existing mobile plan while in Finland Convenient, no need to purchase a new SIM card Expensive data charges, limited transparency on usage $10 - $20 per gigabyte or more
Prepaid SIM Card: Purchase a local SIM card with a data plan Affordable data options, good nationwide coverage Requires unlocking your phone, need to research plans $15 - $35 for data plans varying from 5GB to unlimited
eSIM: Download a digital SIM card directly to your phone Instant activation, a wide variety of online providers Requires a compatible phone, limited availability compared to physical SIM cards $10 - $40 for data plans varying from 3GB to unlimited

Choosing the best connection option depends on your needs and budget. Roaming offers convenience but can be expensive. Prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs provide cost-effective solutions with good coverage, allowing you to stay connected and explore Finland without breaking the bank. Consider your data usage, phone compatibility, and desired level of convenience to pick the perfect option for your trip.

Searching for a stylish and practical method to remain connected? Think about using an eSIM! Websites such as provide data plans that may be a wiser alternative to conventional choices such as Wi-Fi hotspots or renting a pocket Wi-Fi device.

eSIMs are sent immediately to your email along with a QR code, eliminating the need to handle traditional SIM cards. Simply scan the code with your compatible smartphone, and there you have it! You have access to fast national 4G/LTE speeds at great prices. Moreover, you can steer clear of the costly roaming fees that can deplete your savings.

Get Finland eSIM
Beat roaming fees and bypass airport SIM shops

III. Mobile Internet Rates in Finland

It is important to grasp mobile internet prices in Finland to make a well-informed decision when connecting while traveling. Below are a few important things to think about:

  • Expensive Roaming Fees: Roaming fees in Finland can be very costly, typically varying between $10 and $20, or possibly higher, per gigabyte. 
  • Prepaid eSIM/SIM cards provide more affordable data plans than roaming options. Costs vary from $15 to $35 based on the amount of data and length of validity. 
  • Price disparities for eSIMs mirror those of prepaid SIM cards, with data plans ranging from $10 to $40. The price varies depending on the amount of data allowed and the provider.

Before traveling to Finland, it is important to research data plans and prices to make a well-informed decision and to remain connected during your Finnish journey!

IV. Best mobile operators in Finland

Staying connected in Finland is a breeze with a variety of choices for tourists. Here’s a breakdown of the top mobile carriers in Finland to help you find the perfect fit:

Operator Prepaid SIM Card Price Range Typical Data Allowance Additional Features
Elisa $10-30 1-5 GB/month Music and video streaming discounts, mobile rental discounts
DNA $10-20 1-10 GB/month Device insurance options, digital content discounts
Telia $10-20 1-5 GB/month Device insurance options, roaming discounts

The major operators Elisa, DNA, and Telia offer prepaid SIM cards starting around €10-20 with 1-5 GB of monthly data typically included. DNA Saunalahti and DNA Welho offer more budget-focused plans starting as low as €5 with lower monthly data caps of 0.5-3 GB. All operators provide additional value-added features like device insurance, digital content discounts, or roaming benefits depending on the specific plan. DNA in particular offers flexible data rollover and device rental/leasing options.


What’s the cheapest way to stay connected in Finland?

Roaming can be expensive! Consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card or eSIM upon arrival. These offer significantly cheaper data plans compared to roaming charges.

I’m only in Finland for a short weekend trip. What should I do?

If you have a limited data need, roaming with your existing plan might suffice. However, research data rates to avoid unexpected charges.  Prepaid SIM cards also offer options with short validity periods, which could be a good fit for short trips.

I want the most convenient mobile internet option in Finland and don’t mind paying a bit extra.  What’s best?

An eSIM might be the perfect choice!  Enjoy instant activation, a wider variety of online providers to compare plans, and the benefit of a tech-savvy solution.

VI. Conclusions

Missing out on staying connected while exploring Finland could be a wasted opportunity. This guide has provided you with the information necessary to help you navigate through different mobile internet options in Finland and select the best one for your journey. With knowledge of roaming charges and the ability to compare prepaid SIM cards versus eSIMs, you are now equipped to remain connected, share your experiences, and retrieve data effortlessly. Therefore, prepare your luggage, select your preferred means of communication, and be prepared to enjoy the beauty of Finland while remaining connected during your travels!